DIY: Infinity Scarf

So many people have been really obsessed with infinity scarves.  This accessory can be very difficult to spot and when you do spot it, who’s to say that you’re going to love the material, pattern or color?
Today I am going to show you how you can make any scarf an infinity scarf. 

How to 1.
         This is probably the most obvious way to make a scarf and infinity scarf, sewing!
         Take the scarf of your choice and bring the two ends together.  Pin together and sew together using a sewing machine or hand sew it.
         This is the most ideal way to make a permanent infinity scarf.

How to 2.

         Don’t want to make anything permanent? This how to is for you! 
         Take the scarf of your choice and put the two ends together.  Take a rubber band or a hair elastic and tie it around both ends.  When you put the scarf on, just make sure the rubber band is hidden in the back.

How to 3.
         This last way is for those of you who are in a rush or don’t have a hair elastic or rubber band on hand.
         All you have to do is take the scarf of your choice and knot the two ends together.  That’s it!  Just like how to 2, make sure you out the knot in the back so it is hidden!

These easy and simple ways to recreate a scarf can transform an outfit any day this spring!