OOTD 3: A Cold Weather Quick Fix

If any of you have ever had the chance to visit Cincinnati, Ohio during this time of year, I’m sure you know about the weather.  Just two days ago, I wore a chiffon blouse with some skinny jeans and a lightweight jacket for the 50-degree weather.  Then out of no where, the temperature dropped down to the low 30’s and we are now expecting snow.  I’ve lived here my whole life and I still can’t keep up.  So for today's outfit, I am bundling up.

Today I am wearing an oversized jacket that I bought from Kohl’s.  I threw on a pair of my target blue, denim jeggings (I have three pairs of these pants, not even kidding. So comfy!) Since I wanted the main focus to be on my jacket, I threw on a grey cotton V-neck with longer sleeves.  For shoes I am wearing a pair of brown, perforated oxfords that I found at Forever 21.  I was sure to wear black socks with them so I wouldn’t feel as much of a breeze going through my toes while I am outside.  I’ve worn them once already and it is a really odd feeling.  The brown in the shoe will complement the green of the jacket and balance well with the grey t-shirt.  I am also carrying around a scarf and gloves with me today for when I am walking around campus.

I hope that you will get inspiration from this outfit that I have put together and try it out.

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