Spring/Summer Fashion 2013: Prints

Prints are a major trend this spring and summer.  This is perfect for those people who want to experiment and standout among the crowd.  Here are the hottest prints and some ideas on how to incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe.

Polka Dots

            This feminine print is dainty and very versatile.  It can come very uniform, large, small and microscopic, you name it!  I found these Toms shoes that would be perfect paired with shorts for a daytime look.

            This trend never seems to go out of style.  It’s fierce and daring.  I found this cute Tory Burch scarf that could be paired with a simple black dress for date night.


            Though it is hard to find, if you can get your hands on it, buy it!  This new print is refreshing and unexpected.  It draws attention and makes people look to see what the fabric actually is.  I found this Ralph Lauren tiered dress.  This print would be perfect for going to the beach or to the pool. 

Over-Sized Floral

            This skirt for Urban Outfitters is great for nighttime or daytime.  It is versatile and easy to wear.  This can be found in practically any store these days so make sure to be creative!


            Just like Polka Dots, this print can also be changed in many different ways.  Many people are afraid to wear this print because it may appear that they weight more than they actually do.  If you hold this to be true, don’t just ditch the trend!  You can incorporate it in your outfit by using it as an accessory.  I found this adorable Kate Spade handbag.  It’s black and natural so it can be paired with many different outfits.

Give these new prints a try out!  You can slowly incorporate these trends into your outfits.  Don’t forget you can also switch up how you wear the prints.  Try a Polka Dot dress or Animal Print pants.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your clothes.  There aren’t any right or wrong ways to wear clothes, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

            To see any specific piece of clothing in these outfits, please visit my Polyvore page, http://remiiroo.polyvore.com

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