Spring/Summer Fashion 2013: Embellishments

This seasons embellishments are fun and exciting.  Here are some decorations that you can look for when you are shopping or even add to your clothing on your own!

This embellishment was started in the fall and it crossed over into spring.  It’s edgy and interesting to look at.  You can find it on shoes, purses, and collars, pretty much anything.

This embellishment has been popular for sometime now.  It can mainly be found on items of clothing, but it has also been popular as a hair styling technique. 

This trend is very flattering on people who tend to not have many curves in their body.  If ruffles are used in a dress it can give the illusion of a fuller and more flowing body.  You can also find it on handbags and even shoes.

Gems and Sequins
This embellishment always finds it’s way back into seasonal trends.  It is flashy and eye catching.  Gems and sequins can literally be applied to anything.  You name it, you can find gems or sequins on it, guaranteed. 

This last embellishment can change an outfit completely.  It can turn that boring black scoop t-shirt into a one of a kind, classy shirt that can be worn from day to day.  Of course you can buy shirts with collars permanently attached, but what about collars that you can add yourself.  If you look around, you will be able to spot a few necklaces that resemble collars.  You can also find patterns at your local fabric store to make your own fabric collars.  This allows you to use your creativity and personalize your wardrobe.  Be sure to check back with in this coming week to find a pattern for different collars and how to assemble them.

These embellishments can be found in any magazine and in any store.  Try and incorporate them into your outfits as well.


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