Shop Till You Drop: How to Shop at Forever 21

I have been hearing many people lately complaining on how Forever 21 is cluttered, not organized, and difficult to shop in.  Up until my employment with this company, I would have agreed and complained about the same thing.  When I first got hired as a sales associate, I was immediately shown how the floor plan is set up.  Believe it or not, Forever 21 is very organized.  It is up to the team of employees to do their job and keep the store well maintained.

For this post, I will be sharing my tips and advice that I abide by when I go to shop in Forever 21 or any similar store.

The first thing you need to know about Forever 21 is that there are ‘sections’ within the store.  For example, Forever 21 Mens, Love 21 and Clearance are the three main sections that most the stores carry.  These sections never change names and they stay in one spot within the store.  Other sections within Forever 21 change every few weeks.  These sections are given cute names and they focus on a certain type of customer.  Some sections will have leather for the grunge girl and another may have lace for someone who is more feminine.   So when you walk into Forever 21 and you see a group of clothes that catch your eye, look around in that area and see if that section speaks your style.   

Forever 21 and other similar stores are great for dipping your toes in the water.  It is where you can find trends at low costs.  We all know that those houndstooth pants aren’t going to stay in style, so we are afraid of dropping money on something that wont be hot for long.  My suggestion is to try the look out, but go to a more affordable store such as Forever 21 where you can find the same trend for a fraction of the price.

Knowing this about Forever 21 will help you keep your mind open when you’re out shopping.  These can also be applied to other stores similar to Forever 21, so just keep your eyes open!

Check back soon too read more of how to successfully shop!

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