Let's Play Dress Up.


           From grade school all the way through high school, I always had to wear a uniform.  It was convenient and I never had to worry about what I was going to wear.  To be honest, when you attend an all girl’s high school, you don't worry about anything.  Most days I don’t think I even brushed my hair.  All you had to do was brush your teeth, put on some deodorant and throw your hair up in a bun and you were out the door in minutes.  Sounds nice, huh?  This year was my second year of being able to freely pick out whatever I wanted to wear.  Even though it was nice not having the responsibility to worry about my outfits in high school, going to college really opens up a lot of doors for your creativity to flow.  If you walk on to my campus, you can obviously see that not everybody cares about what they wear everyday.  You can find a variety of people wearing anything from sweatpants and t-shirts to body-con dresses and platform heels.  You can pretty much get by wearing anything.

             Why I am writing this article today is to share with you why you should care about your appearance.  While walking on campus and around your college, you never know who you are going to run into.  Your appearance and your attitude can reflect who you are or even who you aren’t.  It is your first impression.  You never know who is surrounding you.  The company you have been interested may have a recruiter on campus and if you make a bad impression, it can mean game over.  Think about the people you see on your campus or around your high school.  Is there ever any moments where you look at someone and ask yourself, “Why is she wearing that?” What if people are saying that about you? 

            The first impressions are always going important!  So always make sure you look positive and look somewhat presentable.  You never know who you might meet at any given time.  

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