Mastering the Art of Modesty

With the hot summer sun finally taking its peak, girls are scrambling to find those perfect, weather friendly clothes.  This season, crop tops and bandeaus can be found in practically any clothing store.  For some girls, this is the perfect way to show off their tanned and toned beach bods.  And for others, it’s a reminder to what they may not be comfortable showing off.  Here are some different and creative ways you can wear your revealing tops without necessarily revealing your body.

Option 1:
High waisted denim shorts are in right now.  Pairing your
 best cut offs with a cute crop top is the way to go.

Option 2:
This is just like the shorts, but with a high waisted skirt. 
 You can also pair this with a bandeau top!


These two options hide the tummy area, which most people have personal issues with.  Getting by with a little middle skin is easily achievable with these two options. 

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