Shop Till You Drop: Successfully Shopping Tip 4

I am one of those people who are very frugal with their money.  So I often find myself debating whether or not I should or should not buy that embellished top that I have been
eyeing online for days.  Whenever I run into this dilemma, I stop and think about the three S’s: Style, Savings, and Season.  These three words have saved me many of times from wasting my money.

              Style: Think about your closet.  When you look at the garment you want to purchase, can you think of anything you already have that is similar?  If you can think of something, think about how similar it is.  If you can think of two or three things, than you probably don’t need it.  Also think if you will need to purchase another piece of clothing to pair with it.  For example, if you buy a new skirt, do you have skirts that will properly match it?  Does it need a belt?

               Savings: Look at the price of the item.  Think about how much you have already spent that day.  Also try and think of a place where it could be cheaper (only if it is overly-pricey!). I then think of how many times I will wear the piece of clothing.  If I can’t see myself grabbing it out of my closet often, I will most likely put it back.

                Season:  My last S also goes with style.  I think about when I am going to wear the piece of clothing.  Are you only able to wear it in the summer?  Can you think of ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe in all seasons?  If I am able to think of how I can incorporate the piece in my outfits for each season, I more likely to buy the piece of clothing.

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