Having a Career in the Fashion Industry

Trying to figure out what career path you want to take can be very challenging.  Making this decision can be difficult for many people.  You may be thinking, why do I need to know what I am going to do for the rest of my life by the time I am 17 or 18.  If you are interested in the Fashion Industry, you should consider becoming a fashion designer.  Though the process when studying to become a fashion designer can be challenging and difficult, in the end, the outcome and experience is very rewarding.  If you continue to read, you will discover some specifics that you may want to consider when deciding a career path.

In the fashion world, being a fashion designer is very broad.  There are many specific jobs that make up the fashion world and what it means to be a fashion designer.  To be a fashion designer, you are expected to imagine and sketch out an item of clothing or accessory that can be sold to a customer.  You are sometimes expected to figure out the technicalities of the item and choose to color, fabric and other specifications. 

To become a fashion designer, you first must earn the requirements needed to get a job in the industry.  One must need an artistic ability and creativity.  These two obvious requirements are what can ultimately set you apart from another person.  Employers also require that you have excellent communication skills, computer skills, decision-making skills, and that you are detail-oriented.

Employment Outlook
Over the next five to ten years, employment in the fashion industry is expected to have little to no change.  Though the employment is not changing.  Growth with-in the industry will be changing.  Mass market is expected to rise, as well as self-employed fashion designers. 

In 2012, the starting salary as a fashion designer was $64,530.  It is known that when you are first starting off in the fashion industry, the pay is very low.  But as you build you experience and contacts you could be making up to $130,890 or more!  Your employer determines things such as, benefits, commissions, and bonuses.  Every company has different policies.

Personal Rewards
Working as a fashion designer would be very rewarding.  If you are hard working and passionate about your job, you can have the potential to become very successful.  Depending on what company you work for, you could meet well-known clients or you could even meet high-end designers.  The fashion industry is also worldwide, so travel is very likely. 

Other Rewards
Choosing this career would be very rewarding.  You would have chances to meet people that are affiliated with the industry.  You would become very exposed to high-end clothing and would hopefully be successful enough to be able to purchase it.  You would be able to experience new places due to the worldwide domination of the industry.  There is always a different task that would need to be completed.  Each of your jobs in the industry would be different and unique.  If you love to shop and to be around clothes all day, you would be satisfied with your job.  You wouldn’t have one day of regret.

Some concerns you should have going in to this career is the fact that the salary at the beginning of your career could be unstable.  You would have to learn to manage your money.  You have to be willing to be a sales person.  In any job you have in this industry you have to sell yourself.  For example, you have to sell the ideas you have, you even have to be able to sell clothes that are in the store you are working in.  You have to be a confident person who can help assist someone to make a purchase.    Another concern to consider is the travel.  If your job requires you to travel, how will it affect your personal life?  What if you have a family?  How long will you be separated from them?  Another thing to consider is a back-up plan.  If you do not exceed, can you think of other things you are able to do to provide for yourself or your family?  If there a way to take your experience and education and apply it to another job?  My last concerns are the working conditions.  If you work in this industry, you are very likely to be required to work long hours.  Will you end up working ridiculous hours so you can just get by in life?  By the end of your career will you be satisfied with your accomplishments and your time spent?

All of these aspects are to be carefully considered when deciding if you want to become a fashion designer.  Try to imagine yourself in these situations.  What would you do?  If you can imagine your life in this field, then being a fashion designer just might be the career for you.

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