Spring Fashion 2013: Color Palette

Not only is the air transitioning from cold to warm, the possibilities for fashion are also becoming endless.  2013’s spring palette is full of colors such as mint, pale pinks, and other bright and muted colors have snuck their way in allowing fashionista’s the chance to experiment with different color combinations.  Here are some different wardrobe ideas for those of you who are brave enough to try this new look.

Here is a look you can wear anywhere during the day.  I took a pair of skinny jeans and used this seasons hot layering technique.  I layered a laced cami with an over-sized cardigan.  Pull on a pair of riding boots and voilĂ .

This look is more of a casual night out look.  I chose to pair a transparent black and white polka dot shirt with some pale skinny jeans.  I then recommend popping on a shorter leather jacket with gold hardware.  Wearing this look with a pair of black flats is perfect.  I chose these black flats for their over-sized silver gems.  These silver gems and the gold hardware in the leather jacket are a perfect pair.  Don't be afraid to mix metals!

              This look is more for a dressed up occasion.  I took a mint a-line dress and then with a black bow belt with gold hardware i placed it over where the seam from the bust of the dress meets the top of the skirt. I added a black blazer so you can keep warm when you are having a good time.  Just like the look above, I also took a pair of black flats to wear.  These flats also have a bows so it matches the belt.  

To see any specific pieces of clothing in any of these outfits, please visit my Polyvore page, http://remiiroo.polyvore.com